In King's Highways & Steam Trains volume 1, Angus Wolfe and Amanda Webb are 21 years old. Angus's elderly mechanic friend Eddie has restored his 1956 Ford Mainline two-door sedan. In the process, he discovered it was a time-travel vehicle. Angus and Amanda travel back to July 1957 in the classic car to visit the railway branchlines of southern Ontario.

The Secret of the Old Swing Bridge is a mystery novel for young readers and adults alike. Twelve-year-old Angus Wolfe meets Amanda Webb, eight months his senior. She lives in the railway junction town of Washago, featured in three of Ian Wilson's steam railway books. Amanda helps Angus solve this mystery which dates back to the Second World War.

The King's Puzzle is serial consisting of six mystery novels for young adults. The stories feature Angus Wolfe and Amanda Webb as sixteen-yeaer-olds. Four of the six novels were published as eBooks in 2015, but they have since been taken off the market pending completion of the serial (if that ever happens).

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