'After reading your book, it feels as if I have been there!'

If there is a single comment which summarizes the reaction to reading one of Ian Wilson's books, that is it. Written in a moment-by-moment narrative style, like gripping novels, Ian Wilson's books take the reader back to the railway steam era in Ontario, Canada. The text, photographs, maps and illusrations are printed on high-gloss archival paper.

Ian's books are the story of locomotives, trains, operations and occupations on the railways of Ontario during the steam-to-diesel transition era of the 1950s.

The most recent hardcover release is Speed Graphics and Steam 1959! Previous releases in the series were Speed Graphics and Steam 1958! vol. 3 (December 2020, OUT OF PRINT), Speed Graphics and Steam 1958! vol. 2 (November 2019), Speed Graphics and Steam 1958! vol. 1 (June 2019) and Speed Graphics and Steam 1957! (May 2018). This series documents the landmark visits to Canada by photographers John Rehor, Don Wood and Herb Harwood.

Our most recent softcover releases have been the all-colour Steam Encounters in Montreal vol. 2 (December 2022), Steam Encounters in Ontario vol. 2 (May 2022), Steam Encounters in Ontario vol. 1 (April 2021) and Steam Encounters at Montreal (May 2020).

Other recent releases

Other recent releases were the hardcover Steam in Northern Ontario (November 2018) reprint and the softcover photo supplement Steam Scenes of Northern Ontario (November 2018).

We also have four years worth of wall calendars, each with 13 frameable quality images of Canadian 1950s railway scenes. We have a few copies remaining of the 2023 Canadian Branchline wall calendars (two issues, Steam and Diesel, all-colour), the 2022 Canadian Branchline wall calendar (black and white images) and the 2020 Canadian Branchline wall calendar (black and white images). The all-colour 2021 Canadian Branchline wall calendar is out of print.

There are nine other volumes in the original hardcover steam series...

Most of these centre on steam operations on various areas of the Canadian National Railways in Ontario circa June 25, 1954. Steam Scenes of Allandale is a picture-and-caption supplement to Steam at Allandale. Only five of these older hardcover titles are in print (including the reprinted Steam at Allandale and Steam in Northern Ontario), and copies of the four others are eagerly sought (we wish we had more to sell!).

Of note is our proposed next release entitled Steam Through Port Credit, which will be a new addition to the original format some 13 years after the previous issue.

Other stand-alone softcovers

Steam at Washago (December 2015) King's Highways & Steam Trains vol. 1 (November 2016) and Steam Scenes of Stratford (May 2017) put the reader in the action on specific days in the 1950s.

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